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Safety Last Soundpainting Ensemble


The Safety Last Soundpainting Ensemble makes music using Soundpainting, a globally distributed sign language developed by contemporary New York composer Walter Thompson. The ensemble is a colorful mix of old and young musicians from the classical world and jazz.
It is the only ensemble in Belgium that works exclusively in this way.
In 2023 they made their debut playing on several venues in Belgium while improvising on the legendary silent movie Safety Last, celabrating the movie it's 100th anniversary

©Shalan Alhamwy

Chicha Morada 

Chicha Morada is my first solo project featuring pianomusic of Peru. When I first came to Peru, of all the drinks I tasted the one that struck me the most was “Chicha Morada”.
This drink originates in the Andean region and has as its main ingredient purple corn, a very popular agricultural product that has long been grown and harvested in the Peruvian Andes.

I fell in love with Peru not only because of the seductive taste of Chicha Morada and the country's other tasty food, but also because of its beautiful and diverse landscapes as well as its musical diversity, which cannot be reduced to one single genre.
For this reason, and many more which I cannot describe in detail here I wanted to demonstrate with this record my great love and appreciation for the culture and the people of Peru. 

Thelema Trio 

Thelema trio is a youngh dynamic and unusual ensemble that promotes and performs new music of the 21st century.

With their unique line-up of piano, saxophone and clarinet, more than 60 works have been written for us.

Our music has diverse contemporary composition styles going from a filmic blaze of colors, and an orchestral lushness to the energy and power of avant-garde.


Thelema Trio exists more than 10 year and played on several festivals in Europe, Japan, Latin-America and in the United States and recorded two full cd's.

In their previous 6 USA tours, Thelema Trio was invited several times to play in universities, festivals or conferences like SCI.

Aranis (2009 - 2012)

For several years I was invited to play with the chamber music rockband Aranis. For their latest albums "Made In Belgium" and "Made In Belgium II" I wrote a new compositions (Inara and Boki II)


Aranis are a Flemish acoustic avant-rock, experimental and neo-classical chamber music group led by composer and contrabass player Joris Vanvinckenroye. Their music has been described as a blend of "chamber classical and rock","Chamber Music Rock",and "Belgian chamber rock" with elements of East and Southern European folk music.  Aranis have recorded five albums, and have performed live at a number of European venues, including the Rock in Opposition festivals in Carmaux, France. They made their American concert debut at NEARfest Apocalypse at Zoellner Arts Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in June 2012.


The music of Aranis is filled with contrasts and opposing themes. 
It's dark and light at the same time. It's beautiful and nasty, simple and complex. It has a personality of its own and nevertheless you can hear the influences from a multitude of different genres and styles. Never heard before and yet recognisable. 
It is through the combination of these opposing themes and influences that emerges a contemporary and vibrant sort of music with a very unique character. 
The main characteristics of their performances are a delicate and dynamic orchestration in which they constantly search for a fresh and lively rendition. 


"Classical music and rock are growing towards one another.

An evolution we can only be pleased about."
Focus Knack

Present (2007)

Present is a Belgian progressive rock group formed by guitarist Roger Trigaux in 1979.


In 2007 I had the honor to play with the progressive rockband Present on RIO (Rock In Opposition).

For this event composer and guitarist Roger Trigeaux made a "classical" variant of the band featuring grand piano, percussion and vocals. It premièred at a Rock in Opposition festival in Southern France in April 2007, where they performed as "Present", their regular act, and as "Present Acoustic", where they played two grand pianos, "a lot of percussion" and sang.

The live concert is also available on their album "Barbaro, ma non troppo".


The acoustic "Two Pianos and Percussion" is unique and remarkable, with two pianists occupying center stage surrounded by five band members playing percussion (each with his own kit). The knotty, slowly developing motifs that are Present's trademark correspond clearer than ever with their chamber music roots on the 24-minute execution of "Souls for Sale," complete with terrifying vocals that contribute to its dungeon atmosphere; and on the 17 minutes of "Vertiges."

The video editing manages to put the viewer right at the heart of things, and the sound is striking, bringing out the dynamics and nuances while remaining sinister in its vibe.


review by: Avi Shaked



A Tryst (2003)

This project was founded in 2003 and is a combinations of compositions of Ward De Vleeschhouwer with traditional West - African music and dance. 

Date: 22 March 2003 'bij de Vieze Gasten, Ghent, Belgium.

Musicians: Marco Antonio Mazzini (Clarinet), Peter Verdonck (Saxophone), Maarten Bruggeman (Bas), Pieter Claus (Marimba), Jolien Verbeiren & Bart Walder (guitar), Frederic Segers (El. Guitar), Wim De Roeck (Drum), Steven De Moor (Djembe & Balaphone), Babara Bangoura (Djembe, Dunun)
Dance: Greet Ka & Sylvie Van Hulle
Sound Engineer: Karel Marynissen

A Tryst - Ward De Vleeschhouwer
Gwoni - Ward De Vleeschhouwer
Zaouli - Traditional
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