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La Flor de la Canela

I am excited to announce the release of 'La Flor de la Canela' in arrangment for piano solo.




My composition 'Messier 3' has been selected by MATRIX (centrum for new music) in the album no(w) piano.
You'll find diverse compositions for piano composed by Belgian composers. 

Download the music for FREE.


My composition '(R)espiras', written for sansula, piano and violin, was selected for Fingerprints #3, a project by Flanders Composer Archipel (Comav) and Flanders Arts Institute. 
Performers: Nicolas Dupont, viool; Bert Koch, piano; Ward De Vleeschhouwer, sansula
Available on iTunes

New video "Warakun"

Kugoni Trio plays Warakun

Bert Koch - piano
Nicolas Dupont - violin
Kurt Bertels - saxophone


New video "Ojos Azules"

Traditional Peruvian Huyano.

Piano & arrangement, Ward De Vleeschhouwer

© 2021 by Ward De Vleeschhouwer. All rights reserved.

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